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    Gluten Free

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    Non GMO

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    Soy Free



Tomatoes are rich in the antioxidant compound lycopene, which has been known to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.


King Oyster Mushrooms

King oyster mushrooms pack a robust flavor and meaty texture while also providing fiber and a number of essential nutrients without many calories.



Pineapple doesn't just brighten up our jerky's flavor - it's a key source of manganese, copper, vitamin B6, and vitamin C.



Just like soybean miso, chickpea miso is fermented and contains all the gut-healthy probiotics that help balance and heal the microbiome.



Ideal for those with gluten & soy allergies, coconut aminos is jam-packed with 17 amino acids, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B while scoring low on the glycemic index.


Maple Syrup

Maple syrup has higher levels of minerals and antioxidants, yet fewer calories than honey